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Puppies on display - Yorkshire Terrier-Silky Terrier-Toy Breeds

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Australian Silky
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Key Benefits:
To have a well taint
Silky Terrier
or Yorkshire terrier
The Australian Silky Terrier
and Yorkshire Terriers
dos not shed hair all
over the furniture
and with minimum
coat care,
he will
not emit a doggy odor.


Puppies on display

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Choosing a Registered: breeder and selecting your puppy takes time and thought.
Remember to ask questions such as these before making a decision on your new family member.

 1.) Can we visit before deciding on our breed? Answer: Yes.
You have more to see than one Toy breed. Answer:
Silky Terrier and Yorkshire Terriers.

Please click on here -->       If you not made up your mind.
See your back in 5. minutes OK.

2.) Why did you choose this breed and how long have you been involved with it? Answer: We are a Breeder,
and Showing dogs since 1964.

3.) Do you have other breeds or other litters available? Yes-two difference breeds .
4.) If we decide on your breed / litter,
can we visit more often before buying our pup?
Yes, by Apointment only.
5.) Can we see the mother / father or other family members? Yes.
And Can we see all the litter together? At what age can we take the puppy home? Answer: 8 to 10 week most of the time.
Yes you see all the litter together, if you are the first one, picking up your puppy.
6.) When are the puppies wormed, microchipped and vaccinated and DNA tested? Answer:
Yes normally 2-3 days before you buying your pup.
7.) Are the puppies registered with Dogs Queensland? Answer:Yes.
8.) Are there any hereditary conditions in the breed?
9.) Can we have verification of dog's assessment e.g.
hip and elbow scores? Yes.
 10.) Can we have the puppy checked by a vet before we buy?
 Answer: You will get a Health assessment e.g
 by the last Vet visit before buying your pup.
If any unforeseen Health - conditions of the puppy arise, can the puppy be returned? May be!, yes in between 7 days.

 Take time making your selection as your puppy will grow into a lifetime responsibility and be with you for many years.
Thank you to lisening to the breeder.
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The Yorkshire Terrier is A Toy Breed, but we Breeders breed to a breed Standard!
In some places, the Yorkshire Terrier has been subject to excessive miniaturization. Dogs have been developed weighing only 900gr,or less which poses serious medical problems. Happily, this is unusual -2.0 to 3.3kg is the weight for which good breeders aim.
Never buy from a pet shop-always purchase one from a well-known and registered Breeder which is a member of the CCC dogs(Q)
You Ask to visit the breeder before settling on a puppy.
Ask if it is possible to see their parents. Good breeders will always be happy to oblige and to give you sound advice.

Tee-cup Yorkie=1
This happen once in a wail, but we are not aiming for

ausilk yorkshire terrier puppy=11
This is a puppy same age normal size than above -
 Yorkshire terrier
very well behave and secured traveling in your car.

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A dog makes more friends than man because he wags his tail and not his tongue.

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